Trift Bridge

The #Trift Bridge is one of the most spectacular pedestrian suspension bridges in the Alps. At 100m high and 170m long, it is poised above the region of the Trift Glacier, with spectacular views guaranteed for those with a head for heights.

Global warming is causing the glaciers to melt – some, such as the Trift #Glacier, especially quickly. Only a few years ago, the Trift Hut of the #Swiss Alpine Club could be reached on foot via the glacier tongue.

In 2004, a suspension bridge was built, as the glacier was no longer high enough for visitors to access the hut. The Trift #Bridge, modelled after Nepalese high wire bridges, turned out to be a tourist magnet and was replaced in 2009 with a safer, more accessible bridge, which is considered to be one of the longest and highest pedestrian suspension bridges in the Alps. A cable car that was originally built as a freight gondola takes passengers up to the area near the bridge. The journey there is truly an adventure in itself.

After hiking around 1.5 hours to the Trift Bridge, the stunning views of the turquoise blue glacier lake and glacier tongue are more than ample reward. The return route passes the SAC Hut Windegg,before going back down on the Trift gondola to postal bus stop Nessental, Triftbahn.


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