Susten Pass

Susten Pass (German: #Sustenpass) (el. 2260 m.) is a mountain pass in the Swiss Alps. The pass road, built from 1938–1945, connects #Innertkirchen in the canton of Bern with Wassen in the canton of Uri. A 300-metre long tunnel crosses the pass at 2,224 metres.

The pass is popular with tourists, especially for the views of the Stein Glacier on the south side. The glacier trail #Steinalp, which conveys you in the nick of time from the busy pass road into the High Alps. Moraines, Alpine flowers at the edge of the glacier, typical rock formations and characteristic landscape are pointed out and explained in lay terms. The trail gets close and almost enters the mouth of the glacier that looks like a black cave above the milky-white Lake Steinsee, before it ascends to the vantage point. From here the view sweeps over the limestone rocks of the Wendenstoecke across high moorland and #mountain lakes, Alpine meadows and pine forest up to the icy glacier.

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