St. Gotthard Pass

Even the Romans avoided the immense mass of the #Gotthard. The Pass only gained significance around the year 1200, when the Schöllenen Ravine between #Göschenen and #Andermatt was developed. Today the Gotthard Pass is the main North-South connection, traversed by leisure hikers and pass enthusiasts.

The pass is situated in the Alp’s heart, in the center of Europe, on the Gotthard massif, and touches the four Cantons of Uri, Ticino, #Wallis and #Graubünden.  As an internationally relevant communication route, it always had quite an influence on #Switzerland and Europe’s history. It has always been a reference point in the collective imagination, caught between legend and reality, and is a part of the national mythic patrimony for its historical, political, and social value tied to the country’s origins and development. The boarder pass represents an element of Switzerland’s independence and of national identity and cohesion and has always been a place of struggle between man and nature. 

The ride across the cobblestone paved Tremola on the southern side of the Gotthard Pass is breathtaking. The Tremola takes you in hairpin turns and serpentine curves from the peak of the pass to Airolo and is considered to be Switzerland's longest historical monument.

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