Rosenlaui area

I spent two days in the Grimsel area last weekend. I walked to the Gelmer lake, spent the night in my car high in the #mountain close to the #Grimsel lake. The second day, I visited the beautiful #Resenlaui waterfalls.

When you travel during May or June in #Switzerland, you have to remember that you will still find a lot of snow in the Alps, even on the roads. During the first hike, I wanted to reach the Gelmer lake. While enjoying the mountain hike leading around Lake #Gelmer, you will wander amidst a fascinating, high-alpine landscape. Pristine mountain brooks and giant ledges invite you to stay for a while. With a head for heights and surefootedness, you can enjoy the view of the turquoise blue lake even more, as you pass the precipitous and steep parts of the trail. But only during the summer, because in June, the lake is usually still frozen.

Then, I decided to sleep on the top of Grimsel mountain. After a good coffee, my night in the car was perfect and peacefull...

The second day, I woke up early and I had some fantastic view over the Räterichsboden lake and the valley.

After a short drive, I reached the Rosenlaui area. The Rosenlaui Glacier, located to the south of Meiringen, in the canton of Bern, might be small, since it has an area of only six square kilometers, but thanks to this glacier two beautiful natural attractions have come into being - Glacier Gorge Rosenlaui and the world-famous Reichenbach Falls.

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