The Oberaargletscher, literally "Upper Aare-Glacier" is a 4 km long glacier situated in the Bernese Alps in the canton of Berne in Switzerland. In 1973 it had an area of 5.82 km². The lower end of this glacier lies almost 400 m higher than the lower end of neighbouring Unteraargletscher.

The Oberaar is a sunny high-alpine valley, accessible via the six kilometres long panorama road from the Grimsel-Pass. Starting at the Restaurant and Mountain Lodge Oberaar, you can reach the tongue of the Oberaar glacier within 1h. The trail makes its way across the Oberaar dam and along the north shore of the lake. Crystal clear alpine tarns, moor landscapes, whistling marmots and a circling pair of eagles. Nature and technology go hand in hand at the Oberaar area.

Sweet evening in the Swiss Alps.

I have never been able to wake up early. So sunrises were not really for me. But since I have started the habit to sleep on mountains tops, it's really easy for me to wake up early, because I'm usually freezing in the morning.

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