Dog sledding in Svalbard

I had the joy to experience 3 days dog sledding in Svalbard with #Arctic Husky Travellers - a small family business 10 km outside #Longyearbyen! In their kennel they have 45 great sled dogs that they travel with both summer and winter. They have been crisscrossing the northern hemisphere for more than 2 decades, and their #huskies have completed both the world's longest sled dog race Iditarod in #Alaska and Europe’s longest sled dog race #Finnmarksløpet in #Norway, and even travelled to the North Pole.


During 3 days, we went through wide valleys and over glaciers. We had spectacular views and went where no other human installation exist. After exhausting days, we experimented the small Svalbard cabins, enjoyed the fire in the oven and relaxed with a good meal while our faithful huskies placed outside around the cabin served as our trustful polar bear guards.

Thank you again #Tommy and Team for this amazing experience !

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