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Let's collaborate


Being a travel and landscape photographer/blogger and "micro influencer", I’d love to start collaborating with brands in Switzerland or abroad.


How can I assist you ?

  • create compelling digital content for your brand via photography or text

  • social media sharing via Instagram or Facebook

  • Blog articles, reviews, and/or guest blog posts

  • Development and collaboration of special projects (open to your suggestions)

  • Brand ambassadorship

  • 14K Instagram account

My target group :

  • Eco trips

  • Outdoor people

  • Adventure people

  • Independant travellers

Demographics :

  • More than 35% of Instragram followers are 25-34 years old

  • Approx. 51% of Instagram followers are female

  • The majority of readers come from the United States (13%), Switzerland (11%), France (6%), the United Kingdom (5%) and Italy (5%)

  • Instagram Engagement Rate between 4% and 8% (Average engagement rate for an 5K -20K account is 2,43% according to HypeAuditor)


Emilien Gigandet | 2802 Develier (Switzerland)